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Celebrate Record Store Day 2024 at Modern Sounds Vinyl & Music in Boise, Idaho

RSD 2024 | Modern Sounds Vinyl & Music

The next Record Store Day is on 4/20/2024! Here at Modern Sounds Vinyl and Music, we’re counting down the days until Record Store Day 2024! It’s a day that embodies everything we love about being a part of Boise’s vibrant music scene: discovering new sounds, connecting with fellow music enthusiasts, and celebrating the unique experience […]

How Vinyl Records Are Made

How Vinyl Records are Made

From Studio to Turntable: The Fascinating Journey of Vinyl Record Manufacturing Creating a vinyl record is an art form, a meticulous process that transforms an artist’s vision into a tangible piece of music. This journey from the recording studio to the turntable in your home is both fascinating and complex. Here, we’ll explore how music […]

The Difference Between Active and Passive Speakers for Your Vinyl Experience

The Difference Between Active and Passive Speakers for Your Vinyl Experience | Modern Sounds

Choosing the Right Speakers for Your Vinyl Setup: Active vs Passive Choosing between active (powered) speakers and passive speakers paired with a receiver is crucial when setting up your vinyl system. Understanding these options is key to creating the best listening experience for your vinyl records. This guide aims to clarify these choices in simple […]

Understanding the Role of a Preamp in Your Vinyl Experience

The Role of a Preamp in Vinyl Records | Modern Sounds

If you’re diving into vinyl records, understanding the role of a preamplifier, or preamp, is crucial. While it may seem technical, the concept of a preamp is quite straightforward. This article will demystify preamps, explaining their function and importance in a vinyl setup without delving too deep into technical jargon. What is a Preamp and […]

The History and Resurgence of Vinyl Records

The History and Resurgence of Vinyl Records | Modern Sounds

With their distinct sound and tangible feel, Vinyl records have played a pivotal role in the music industry and culture for over a century. This journey, filled with technological advancements and cultural shifts, tells the story of a medium that has defied the odds to remain beloved by many. The Origins of Recorded Sound The […]

How to Choose Your First Turntable

How to Choose Your First Turntable - Modern Sounds

In this article, we will help you determine how to choose your first turntable by sharing our expert advice to help you begin your vinyl journey. There’s an undeniable magic in starting your vinyl collecting journey. Imagine sliding an album from its sleeve, setting it gently on the turntable, and watching it spin to life. […]